<<Title screen>>
Welcome to A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the U.S.
<<Computerized map of the United States. Aircraft are represented as blue airplanes moving across the U.S. along their flight paths. There are many aircraft in the sky across the entire country.>>

We start by looking at the air traffic at seven p.m. East Coast time. You can see that the airspace is populated with aircraft across the country.

<<Air traffic in the eastern U.S. subsides and the process works its way westward across the map.>>

Before long, the skies gradually begin to clear. Most of the remaining flights are the red-eyes headed east.
<<Very few aircraft are in the air, compared to images shown earlier in the animation.>>

Watch Memphis and Louisville. Around four a.m., FedEx and UPS send out their packages.
<<A large amount of air traffic is centered around and radiating out from Memphis.>>

Then the East Coast wakes up.
<<The East Coast shows many aircraft in the sky.>>

The wave of traffic works its way west across the time zones. 
<<The air traffic works its way west until the entire country is busy with air traffic.>>

The number of aircraft in the sky peaks at about 5,000. Altogether, there are roughly 40,000 commercial domestic flights per day providing service to over two million passengers.